RUTT STUDIO OF WESTPORT      56 POST ROAD WEST      WESTPORT, CT 06880      PHONE: 203-222-7997         FAX: 203-454-2932
Rutt Studio of Westport offers full design service to their clients.  Your designer will help you through door style and color selections, space design and layout, and hardware.  We can also assist in countertop material selections as well as fixtures for your space.

Once your job is framed and ready to be measured, your designer will be on site to verify the field dimensions.  This will ensure a perfect fit when the cabinets are delivered.  Having one person to work with from the beginning greatly reduces any chance of miscommunication and errors on the job.

Once the cabinets are complete, we cooridinate the site delivery with you or your builder and will also help to provide a timeline of delivery for your appliances, and when to have the counters templated.

We offer full installation of our cabinetry.  Or if you prefer, you can have your contractor install.  Either way, we are still there to go over the installation plans, no matter who is doing the installation.

Give us a call to set up an appointment so we can discuss further what we can offer you.